Massachusetts, Boston Mission -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- August 2011 thru August 2013

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept. 17, 2012

Part of Ryan's letter from this week -
I guess i haven't really told you guys about Elder Jones all that much!! He really is a really amazing kid!! He was born in California and when he was 4 years old his family moved to Mexico. His last name is Jones because his great grand father is from England!! weird i know haha but so when he was like 14 years old his parents got adivorce and it was really hard for him!! but growing up he was a really good kid!! He wasn't a member of the church at all but he never smoked, drank or did anything like that. There was this family friend who was a member of the church and wanted him to come to church so they invited him and he was like no no I'm ok!! Well then they knew he really liked soccer and is really good at it so they asked if he wanted to come play soccer with the church down there and so he did.  He would go play and then he became better friends with the members and stuff so then after a while his friend asked him to come to church and he was like sure why not?  This is all when he was 18 years old.  He goes to church and keeps going and the missionaries were teaching him and he got baptized!  Well then he told his mom that he wanted to serve a mission. His mom, still a non-member at the time, is like you're  crazy - 2 years? and they had been going thru a really hard time where they had no money so going on a mission was a big deal for them. It got closer for him to go on a mission and his mom started taking the lessons from the missionaries and then was like you can go on a mission!!  He came out on a mission and while Elder Jones was in the MTC his mom was baptized!! really cool!!! He has a really strong testimony and is a really good missionary.  He was the only member in his family and wanted to serve a mission after being a member for only a year or so. It's now been 2 years since he has been baptized and he is now helping others come unto Christ!!  He's sharing the amazing gift that was given to him with others!! :)  His sister, who isn't a member yet, this last week went to church for the first time in her life and is now taking the lessons from the missionaries too!! :) just really cool!!  I've learned a lot from Elder Jones so far and really hope that I get to serve with him for a while!! :)
So now for the funny part of the week!! We're driving on the freeway going to our next appointment and my comp freaks out just starts yelling in Spanish freaking out speaking super fast!! I'm like wow are we going to crash? die? like whats going on?!!! So I calm him down (as I'm driving on the freeway) and I'm like.. "que onda chamaco? que te paso? estas bien?" and he's yells ELDER!!!!!! CHUCKYYYY CHEEEESSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!  I turn and see Chucky Cheese and I'm just like o my gosh!!! hahaha we almost died over Chucky Cheese!! Nice!! My comp says WE HAVE TO GO THERE ELDER!!!!! PLEASE CAN WE GO RIGHT NOW??!!! I'm saying no elder were going to our next appointment!! hahaha he was so disappointed so we might be going to Chucky Cheese sometime in the near future!!!

Pitcher Street!!!