Massachusetts, Boston Mission -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- August 2011 thru August 2013

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dec. 18, 2012

Good morning - how.s it going?  First off I'll tell about transfers.. so we got a call Saturday night from President Packard, but I was driving and Elder Jones didn't want to answer it because he was scared to speak English to him haha so we missed the call and he left a message saying he needed to talk to Elder Pitcher.  I parked and called him back and he asked me if I would be a district leader and I said yes I would. He said OK you will find out tonight if your being transferred or staying.  Later that night the t-texts came and I am getting transferred.. I'm going to Waterbury Connecticut which is like 40 mins away from here!!  It's in the same zone as Bridgeport so I'm going back to where I was kinda!! but I will be serving with another Elder from Mexico, Elder Bastida!  He seems like a cool guy!! It really caught me by surprise!!  I thought for sure Elder Jones was leaving before me and I was going to be here for Christmas, but I guess that's how it all works! I'm nervous, but at the same time not!!  I just feel like I have unfinished things here in New London like with investigators and with Elder Jones and with the branch!! so I don't know!! It's hard to go!! The new area I'm in has an English ward with a Spanish group so that will be different.  I know a few of the English members in the ward i think because when I was in Bridgeport we would play soccer every Saturday morning with the whole zone and members from that ward would come so at least I'll know a few people!! I heard there is a good group of Brazilians that live in Waterbury and I think there will be 2 Brazilians in the new district I'm in so that should be fun! 
Everyone have a Merry Christmas!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept. 17, 2012

Part of Ryan's letter from this week -
I guess i haven't really told you guys about Elder Jones all that much!! He really is a really amazing kid!! He was born in California and when he was 4 years old his family moved to Mexico. His last name is Jones because his great grand father is from England!! weird i know haha but so when he was like 14 years old his parents got adivorce and it was really hard for him!! but growing up he was a really good kid!! He wasn't a member of the church at all but he never smoked, drank or did anything like that. There was this family friend who was a member of the church and wanted him to come to church so they invited him and he was like no no I'm ok!! Well then they knew he really liked soccer and is really good at it so they asked if he wanted to come play soccer with the church down there and so he did.  He would go play and then he became better friends with the members and stuff so then after a while his friend asked him to come to church and he was like sure why not?  This is all when he was 18 years old.  He goes to church and keeps going and the missionaries were teaching him and he got baptized!  Well then he told his mom that he wanted to serve a mission. His mom, still a non-member at the time, is like you're  crazy - 2 years? and they had been going thru a really hard time where they had no money so going on a mission was a big deal for them. It got closer for him to go on a mission and his mom started taking the lessons from the missionaries and then was like you can go on a mission!!  He came out on a mission and while Elder Jones was in the MTC his mom was baptized!! really cool!!! He has a really strong testimony and is a really good missionary.  He was the only member in his family and wanted to serve a mission after being a member for only a year or so. It's now been 2 years since he has been baptized and he is now helping others come unto Christ!!  He's sharing the amazing gift that was given to him with others!! :)  His sister, who isn't a member yet, this last week went to church for the first time in her life and is now taking the lessons from the missionaries too!! :) just really cool!!  I've learned a lot from Elder Jones so far and really hope that I get to serve with him for a while!! :)
So now for the funny part of the week!! We're driving on the freeway going to our next appointment and my comp freaks out just starts yelling in Spanish freaking out speaking super fast!! I'm like wow are we going to crash? die? like whats going on?!!! So I calm him down (as I'm driving on the freeway) and I'm like.. "que onda chamaco? que te paso? estas bien?" and he's yells ELDER!!!!!! CHUCKYYYY CHEEEESSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!  I turn and see Chucky Cheese and I'm just like o my gosh!!! hahaha we almost died over Chucky Cheese!! Nice!! My comp says WE HAVE TO GO THERE ELDER!!!!! PLEASE CAN WE GO RIGHT NOW??!!! I'm saying no elder were going to our next appointment!! hahaha he was so disappointed so we might be going to Chucky Cheese sometime in the near future!!!

Pitcher Street!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 22, 2012

Ryan was transferred to a new area this week.  He'll now be serving in the New London, CT area.  New London is a small city with a population of around 30,000.  Ryan wasn't sure how big his area will be and what other cities he'll cover.
This is what Ryan had to say in his last letter:

Hey there, how's it going? so.. yes, i got transferred!! I will now be serving in New London, Connecticut with Elder Jones. Elder Jones is Mexican and from Mexico. Weird last name to have for a Mexican I know haha, but he has only been in the USA for about a month and a half so he doesn't speak much English at all so hopefully I will be learning lots of Spanish quickly!!! It should be fun!! This will only be his second transfer out in the field so I'll finish training him!!!  Where I'm going I hear it is just a really small branch of about 30active members (including the kids), but hopefully we can change that!!  I don't know how many other Elders are in the area, but I know there is a trio of Sisters there close by.
Saying good bye to everyone in Bridgeport has been so hard!!  I do not like it!!!  I really love the members there!! They're so awesome!! I just felt like I was starting to get to know them really well and now I'm leaving!! So that was hard!!  I wouldn't have minded staying one more transfer, but I'm excited to go to something new too!!
August 10 - Happy Birthday Ryan

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quick Update - May 14, 2012

A quick update on Elder Pitcher - He is loving his mission and loves working with the people of Bridgeport, CT.  His current companion is Elder Slack from Texas and they are in what is called a zebra companionship.  Ryan is speaking Spanish while his companion speaks Portuguese.  That's been a little tough, but it's helped Ryan learn Spanish since it's up to him to speak anytime Spanish is required.  We talked to him via Skype on Mother's Day and he looked and sounded good.  He wanted us to tell everyone Hi for him and in his last letter he asked us to have a good week and do something to strengthen your testimony!!  That's our challenge for the week.
Boston Temple
Knocking the doors Bridgeport style
On transfer Day in April he was able to see Elder Okelberry

Friday, March 16, 2012

March 7, 2012

Hold on to your chair, fasten your seat belt and get ready for this!!! so... Elder Dowdy and Elder Ledee both are going home!! So there would just be me and the Australian elder... so they combined Chelsea and East Boston again... and Elder Pitcher will not be working here anymore!!! I will now be in Bridgeport, Connecticut!! Furthest place away from here that I could go!!! That's not all!!! They're "zebra-ing" the area where I'm going which means they combined the Spanish and Portuguese!!! I'll now be teaching the gospel not only in Spanish but also in Portuguese!! Now I'll be learning Portuguese too!!! My comp is from Brazil and is learning English. We came from the MTC together so we have met already. He speaks pretty good English but his Spanish is so so. It's going to help me learn Spanish and be a great opportunity to learn... ANOTHER language!! haha I'm going to be trilingual!! ;) I'm pretty excited!!! lots of change!! I'm excited and super nervous too!! I really didn't think I was going to move.
When I got up last Sunday and bore my testimony everyone knew that Elders Dowdy and Ledee were leaving and then I said I was leaving too and everyone was so sad. I'm really going to miss this ward. They're all so amazing and I love them. They were super amazing to me in my first area and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to serve here.
This whole week has been pretty packed with members having us come over and eat and everything. I've gained 6 pounds this week from eating. I weigh 180!!! hahaha I'm a fatty!!! Also I'm moving obviously so my new address is....

50 Ridgefield Ave. #111
Bridgeport, CT 06610

I love you all tons!!
Elder Pitcher :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


First off I want to say thank you for praying for me!! I've needed it this week!! Its really been a nuts week!! I'll start with the whole baptism thing!!! So we were going to do the baptism 2 Saturdays ago but our guy got sick. Before that our bishop wanted him to do it at the singles ward so that he could get some friends and support there because he will be going there in a little while!!! We couldn't get that so we were just planning on doing it at our church again!! We changed the program and everything to how he wanted it and then on Thursday night our bishop texts us and says he wants him to do it at the other building so the singles ward could be there!! There was also going to be another baptism at the same time so he wanted us to call everyone and see if we could split the program so we had a speaker talk and the other guy had a speaker talk too!!! That wasn't going to work so we didn't know what to do!!! We were like bishop i think we just need to do it at our own building!! Long story short ... we talked to our zone leaders and told them everything and they called our mission president and told him everything and he had his counselor call our bishop and tell him how it should be!!
It was suppose to start yesterday right after church!! Well, the baptismal font is in the Relief Society room and they went over like 10 minutes after they were supposed to, which meant we were hurrying trying to get everything ready because everyone was there waiting!!! We're finally ready and then the Stake President says, "No, wait. We are waiting for members from the singles ward to come!!!" Then we didn't have enough space in the Relief Society room to fit everyone so we move into an overflow and the singles ward people finally get there and we finally start and do it all!! It was super stressful and lots of work!! haha But it was totally worth it!! :) I was a witness which was pretty cool!! :) He is finally baptized!!!! :) Lots of work but he is now a member!! :)
Now for a funny story!! haha The other day we were walking to the bus stop and there is this big black guy we see every once in a while and he calls us his brothers and he yells for us to come to him!! He's like, "I'm super drunk we need to pray!!" haha So he holds our hands and he is all dirty and stuff and its gross, so he prays in French!! After praying this guy is all over the place!! He's doing the splits in the middle of the road and dancing and hugging us and taking my comps tie and "showing" him how to tie it!! haha Then he kept his tie!! He was doing like karate and all this stuff and I was just stunned!! I didn't even know what to do!! Then we're like, "That's our bus we gotta go man!!" He goes, "No wait!!" Calls his best friend over and is like, "We need to pray again!!" So my comp prays and then he gives us hugs and then freaking kisses us on the cheek and i almost threw up!!! It was nasty!! It was super funny though!!! haha That's the funny/gross/weird story for the day!! :)


This week has been great - a few disappointments though. We had a baptism planned for Saturday and were at the church and had everything ready when the kid who was supposed to get baptized called us and said he was super sick. He was throwing up and had food poisoning and couldn't make it, so we will be having the baptism next week... I hope!!
Yesterday we were able to go to the temple and it really was great!! I love the temple and the feeling I get when I attend!! The Boston temple is so awesome.
So here in Boston Spanish is kinda funny. I'll learn a new word or phrase and I'll say it to a person and they don't understand what I'm trying to say because they are from a different Hispanic country and they don't say what I'm trying to say in their country!! I guess you could say I'm learning Spanish and Dominican, El Salvadorian, Guatemalan, Puerto Rican, Argentinian, Mexican and a bunch of other Hispanic languages!!