Massachusetts, Boston Mission -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- August 2011 thru August 2013

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dec. 18, 2012

Good morning - how.s it going?  First off I'll tell about transfers.. so we got a call Saturday night from President Packard, but I was driving and Elder Jones didn't want to answer it because he was scared to speak English to him haha so we missed the call and he left a message saying he needed to talk to Elder Pitcher.  I parked and called him back and he asked me if I would be a district leader and I said yes I would. He said OK you will find out tonight if your being transferred or staying.  Later that night the t-texts came and I am getting transferred.. I'm going to Waterbury Connecticut which is like 40 mins away from here!!  It's in the same zone as Bridgeport so I'm going back to where I was kinda!! but I will be serving with another Elder from Mexico, Elder Bastida!  He seems like a cool guy!! It really caught me by surprise!!  I thought for sure Elder Jones was leaving before me and I was going to be here for Christmas, but I guess that's how it all works! I'm nervous, but at the same time not!!  I just feel like I have unfinished things here in New London like with investigators and with Elder Jones and with the branch!! so I don't know!! It's hard to go!! The new area I'm in has an English ward with a Spanish group so that will be different.  I know a few of the English members in the ward i think because when I was in Bridgeport we would play soccer every Saturday morning with the whole zone and members from that ward would come so at least I'll know a few people!! I heard there is a good group of Brazilians that live in Waterbury and I think there will be 2 Brazilians in the new district I'm in so that should be fun! 
Everyone have a Merry Christmas!!