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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


First off I want to say thank you for praying for me!! I've needed it this week!! Its really been a nuts week!! I'll start with the whole baptism thing!!! So we were going to do the baptism 2 Saturdays ago but our guy got sick. Before that our bishop wanted him to do it at the singles ward so that he could get some friends and support there because he will be going there in a little while!!! We couldn't get that so we were just planning on doing it at our church again!! We changed the program and everything to how he wanted it and then on Thursday night our bishop texts us and says he wants him to do it at the other building so the singles ward could be there!! There was also going to be another baptism at the same time so he wanted us to call everyone and see if we could split the program so we had a speaker talk and the other guy had a speaker talk too!!! That wasn't going to work so we didn't know what to do!!! We were like bishop i think we just need to do it at our own building!! Long story short ... we talked to our zone leaders and told them everything and they called our mission president and told him everything and he had his counselor call our bishop and tell him how it should be!!
It was suppose to start yesterday right after church!! Well, the baptismal font is in the Relief Society room and they went over like 10 minutes after they were supposed to, which meant we were hurrying trying to get everything ready because everyone was there waiting!!! We're finally ready and then the Stake President says, "No, wait. We are waiting for members from the singles ward to come!!!" Then we didn't have enough space in the Relief Society room to fit everyone so we move into an overflow and the singles ward people finally get there and we finally start and do it all!! It was super stressful and lots of work!! haha But it was totally worth it!! :) I was a witness which was pretty cool!! :) He is finally baptized!!!! :) Lots of work but he is now a member!! :)
Now for a funny story!! haha The other day we were walking to the bus stop and there is this big black guy we see every once in a while and he calls us his brothers and he yells for us to come to him!! He's like, "I'm super drunk we need to pray!!" haha So he holds our hands and he is all dirty and stuff and its gross, so he prays in French!! After praying this guy is all over the place!! He's doing the splits in the middle of the road and dancing and hugging us and taking my comps tie and "showing" him how to tie it!! haha Then he kept his tie!! He was doing like karate and all this stuff and I was just stunned!! I didn't even know what to do!! Then we're like, "That's our bus we gotta go man!!" He goes, "No wait!!" Calls his best friend over and is like, "We need to pray again!!" So my comp prays and then he gives us hugs and then freaking kisses us on the cheek and i almost threw up!!! It was nasty!! It was super funny though!!! haha That's the funny/gross/weird story for the day!! :)

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