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Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

This week has been good. It seems really slow for the first week though - I don’t know - but it was a good week! I wish I knew more Spanish. Anyway this week we have found a couple new people to teach and taught some really awesome people. There is one investigator that is amazing. He reads the Book of Mormon and prays every single day. We scheduled an appointment for this last Saturday and he stood us up so he didn’t come to church this last week which was a bummer but we are hoping this next week he will come. He has a baptismal date set for December so hopefully he can be ready by then. :)

The members really like us and they are way awesome. We actually went to have dinner at a member’s home last night and it was so far away. We left an hour early to make it there in time. We really walked probably 4 miles and took the bus like however far but we were still 15 minutes late so they had already eaten dinner without us. When we got there they all came in and watched us eat. It was really kind of awkward haha but it was good. Let me tell you this, EVERY food here is SSOSOOSOSOSOSOO greasy. haha The food tastes super good but it’s so greasy. There are members that own bread shops and restaurants and they ask us to come over all the time and take bags of bread and stuff. haha Its nice because it’s unreal good! :)

Let me answer some questions for you. It was a good week. I still love my comp. We get along well. The ward is really nice and they are patient with my Spanish so it’s really nice. Lots of them speak English too, so I say all I can in Spanish and then they teach me the words I don’t know so it’s good. We only have one ward and there are tons of members but like 450 are inactive which stinks. We are going to try to see a lot of them this week.

Oh gosh laundry... laundry is so far away... it’s down the hall from my room ;) hahahaha We have one in our apartment which is way nice. The Portuguese elders come over once a week and do their laundry at our house. It’s so nice to have it here! :) Yeah, my apartment is really nice. Like its all hardwood and it creeks and stuff but it’s pretty nice. We have the other Spanish elders or Cambodians pick us up and we go with them to do e-mailing and grocery shopping. Today we are actually going to downtown Boston which I’m excited for!! :)

I love you!! :)
Elder Pitcher :)

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