Massachusetts, Boston Mission -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- August 2011 thru August 2013

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 7, 2011

It was great talking to you guys the other day!! I miss you all so very much. I wish I could have talked to Nate too!

But anyways all of your questions... It was a good flight. I tried sleeping the whole way. President and Sister Evans met us at the airport. I love President Evans and Sister Evans is way nice. I saw Elder Okelberry on Thursday morning! It was way nice seeing him and talking to him! He’s so awesome :) I hear he’s just tearing it up. I am serving in East Boston and Chelsea. They just combined them this transfer because they're both a little smaller areas. So it’s good! Combined I think I have seen like 5 or 6 other white people besides me and my comp. I’ve already met people from like 15 different countries and I was told I'll meet some from many other countries!
My companion is awesome. His name is Elder Dowdy. He’s from Mesa, Arizona and has been out for 20 months. I like him a lot. We are on foot... our area is too small for a car so we are on foot and then ride the bus everywhere (with our Charlie cards.) Almost all the other missionaries have a car though but I don’t mind walking around. Our apartment is pretty big because they combined the East Boston and Chelsea areas and it’s just me and my comp in there and it is one of the bigger apartments in the mission - so it’s nice.

How is everything going back home? :) I have some funny stories already! This drunk guy stopped us and was trying to telling us that Satan was coming next month and trying to tell us how God touched him haha so funny!!!
We had an investigator come to church yesterday... but we couldn’t stay very long because I left my wallet on the bus and we went back and they said I prolly would never find it! We called the bus station and they said it hadn’t been turned in so we said a prayer. Like 1 or 2 minutes later we got a call back from the bus station and they were like, "We have your wallet!" It was amazing!!! God answers prayers. It truly was a miracle. It’s a little more in depth but I’ll have to tell you the rest later.

It is really cold! It’s not bad when the wind stops but there is ALWAYS wind blowing and it’s just super cold!! haha but I’m good.
I wish I would have learned how to cook. haha The members feed us a lot but I wish I would have been better. haha But I'll learn :)
I gotta get going. I love you guys so much. Can’t wait to hear from you all soon! :) You’re all so amazing and I love you all.

Love Elder Pitcher :)

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